Shattered Dreams


July 14, 2007

Today was a very difficult day. I went to my friends’ shower and I started to cry and had to leave the room. Although I am happy for her, I saw my dream dying. I remembered my shower, what a bastard! My mental health is not good. I need more support. I have called a women’s shelter and am waiting for a bed. I am so tired. I also found out my ex lied again, and again. I also talked to Mike on the phone tonite for 15 minutes. He is my home security rep. It was so good to talk to the opposite sex. If I were him, I would run. I am such a mess. I found out that my dad told my mother-in-law that my husband has a girlfriend. I am happy he told her. I really believe that she does not know anything, because he does not talk to her. I want to get better. Maybe work will help. I am hoping.I deserve better. I want someone to respect me.



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