The Devil I Knew


July 20, 2007

“Today was a difficult day. I decided not to go to work because I was so upset. So I went for a run and then I went to Catholic Family Services for my appointment with my “abuse” councillor. I told her about the IPECAC poisoning at work. My ex-husband put ipecac in his yogurt at work because one of his co-workers was always taking his food from the fridge and eating it. He wanted to teach him a lesson. I told my councilor that I was throwing up all time and so were my cats. I was always going to the doctor’s , my cats were always going to the vet. They could not find out what was wrong with me. The vet could not find out what was wrong with my cats. Since the day he left, we are all fine. We are not sick. I have reason to believe that he was poisoning me. Was he trying to get rid of me, or was he trying to teach me a lesson? He had a plan for me and he constantly reminded me that I was not following his plan. I kept thinking , what plan? I guess the plan was to take my money and make more from me. Several weeks before he left, he was trying to convince me to put naked pictures of myself on the web, because as he would tell me ” we can make lots of money “. He said we could only put my breasts up, no-one would know it was me. I said no and then asked wouldn’t it bother you to have your wifes naked pictures on the web. He said no. Because we could make lots of money! Just before he left he sneaked into to the bathroom while I was taking a bath and started taking pictures of me. Did he post them? Is he making money from me?

I always thought there was something wrong with him. He never talked to me about anything else other than money and sex. I know now that he never loved me when we married. He merely saw me as an object. That is why he lacked empathy and compassion. He used to say to me that I looked at him as if he was a monster. He is. I lived with this monster for almost 4 years and I am left to pick up the pieces.”



One Response to “The Devil I Knew”

  1. Simona Mazyck Says:

    He is a monster because he only loves himself.
    Love they neighbor as yourself is one of the hardest commandments to keep.

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