Please Turn Off The Lights… the Management


If I was to be perfectly honest there were signs from the very beginning of their relationship. On their first date he picked her up for dinner in the dead of winter wearing only a pullover and a toque and managed to have my daughter pay for her own dinner. He was almost immediately at our house at every waking moment, and after a few days into their relationship I would come home from work and find him right at home showering and shaving in my bathroom. I was immediately turned off. He was cocky from the beginning. He thought it was his right. We would notice at times he would make fun of her, in a almost “put down”, way. I remember the time she fell while jogging. She knew she needed an x-ray,she has weak ankles but for some reason he thought that it wasn’t necessary right away and it was more important for her to sit in a lawn chair (in pain) at his mother’s while he practiced his golf swings. He only took her to the walk-in clinic after she called me. She broke her foot. And up until they separated he continually brought up the incident and would make fun of her how breaking her foot was her fault. She ran too close to the edge. He always pointed out what she did wrong. I know now that by not bringing her to the clinic immediately was in fact his control and power in the infancy of their relationship.

It all changed dramatically after they were married. She was not happy. We could see it. They did not seem like a couple newly married, that couldn’t keep their hands off each other, who were in love. Their relationship had moved to a different level. This was clear to me when I visited her one day and noticed holes in her doors and signs underneath every light switch that said. PLEASE TURN OFF THE LIGHTS…….the MANAGEMENT.



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