His Motto


“I will get revenge. I will strike when it is least expected. It might be months or years down the road. I will do it in a way that I will never be suspected. They will never know it was me. It won’t be traced back to me”. That is what he kept telling my daughter. That is what he told me when I confronted him.

I believed him. On their computer he had bookmarked numerous revenge sights, tracking devices, spy cameras, countries that do not have extradition treaties . He had done a complete workup of the man my daughter slept with. He had his address, his phone numbers, his cell phone number, his wife’s cell phone number, their son’s name, his address of employment, his car and license plate number, all documented on their computer for his convenience. What was most unsettling is that this man moved out of the area several months prior to my son-in-law adding this information to a folder on their computer. In that same folder he had his “script”. His fabricated story on how this man took advantage of my daughter and raped her. It was thoroughly written with title page, story and timeline of events.

Is he capable of revenge? When a colleague of his was eating his yogurt from the fridge, he needed to stop this behaviour. It was his yogurt. So he took a syringe and injected IPECAC into his yogurt, put it in the fridge so when his collegue helped himself again, he was going to pay the consequences.

So is this what was happening to my daughter and her animals? Was he teaching her a lesson? Was it his revenge? I find it suspect that almost immediately after he left my daughter, she has not been sick. Her animals have not been sick. These animals have become happier and continually more trusting everyday.They do not cower under the bed anymore. They roam freely around the house. They do not hide when strangers enter the house. But instead welcome their presence and approach these guests expecting to be petted. But, when a police officer came to the door to speak with us regarding my son-in-law, Shade saw this officer in his uniform, which bears striking resemblance to his uniform and ran, disappearing immediately. After the officer left I found her frightened, cowering in a corner under the bed. I was heart sick. Why was she so afraid when she saw that uniform? What did my son-in-law do to that cat?