Let’s Pretend


September 6, 2007

Yesterday I started my P.h.D.. I think I will like it. It is very stimulating, but very fast paced. It is also a distraction. My life is very different now in so many ways. I spend most of my time at work and at counselling sessions. I do not know if other people could have survived what I have been through the last 3 months. It is like taking seven years of your life and pretending it did not exist.The less I hear about him the better.I will heal faster. The less I hear about him the more I can move on. One day he will be a distant memory. I do not miss him. I am jealous though that he has moved on so quickly and I am so angry. It is like I never existed. I never really did. I was his shadow. It was like I was invisible. What is the difference when I was with him. Nothing really. He is poison. He is actually a narcissistic psychopath.



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