Was He An Abuser?


Was he an abuser?

The following checklist identifies attitudes or behaviors of abusers. The more items that are answered yes to, the more abuse potential there is. My daughter was asked to complete this inventory by several professionals. Here are my son-in-laws results:

  1. Become extremely critical or cynical? Yes
  2. Behave unpredictably, inconsistently, or impulsively? Yes
  3. Consistently require perfection from others? Yes
  4. Constantly blame others? Yes
  5. Express few emotions other than anger/frustration? Yes
  6. Habitually lie or cheat? Yes
  7. Use force (physical or emotional in sex or your relationship? Yes
  8. Have a history of violence or abuse?
  9. Have a self-centered personality? Yes
  10. Have an explosive temper?
  11. Exhibit cruelty to animals? Yes
  12. Have low self-esteem, self-worth, or self-identity? Yes
  13. Have the answer for everything? Yes
  14. Hold rigid beliefs, opinions, and ideas? Yes
  15. Lack the ability to be intimate? Yes
  16. Lack the ability to nurture or feel empathy for other people? Yes
  17. Refuse to accept responsibility for actions? Yes
  18. Show excessive jealously and obsession? Yes
  19. Socially isolate himself?
  20. Use controlling or possessive behaviour? Yes
  21. Rely on and use weapons?
  22. Use threats to win arguments?

So I ask again. Is he an abuser? The consensus is YES.



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