October 07, 2007

Yesterday, I was so upset at work that I had to leave in the afternoon. The night before I got pulled over because I was so distracted driving that I drove through a stop sign. I was thinking of them, I had learned more about her. She is the complete opposite to me. I told the police woman that I just found out my husband had an affair. She asked me if I was alright and said they were there if I needed them. She also asked if there was any domestic violence. She seemed actually concerned, I said no. She could have charged me, gave me a ticket but she obviously felt sorry for me and did not. I thought she was very nice. The next day I went to work, when I should have called in sick. Emotionally, I was not well. A colleague called me and I told her what I had found out and about the police stopping me. I hope it is not used against me, especially being too emotional. Overall I think I have been pretty good! I am only human! What is meant to be, will be!!

I went to runners den that night and met this girl. She is getting married in October and mentioned how she does not know anyone because she just moved here. I mentioned I was getting a divorce. It was nice to run with her, she seems like a good person. I also noticed that the guys in the cars were honking and whistling at us. That was an ego boost. I actually like this area.

Today, was my last day at my Boss’s house. I was sad to leave her cat. I made an appointment @ Christine’s. I was late because I could not find the place. I am glad I went because I wasn’t ready to go back to my parents’. She seemed really nice. There is a small town mentality here. I kind of like it. I am tired.I am hoping next week will be better.



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