No-One’s Business


October 22, 2007

Today I went to the Gospel church and it was interesting. A woman offered to sit beside me. That would never happen in a Catholic church. In fact I sat by myself all the time, so this was nice having someone sit beside me. She seemed nice and afterwards introduced me to some parishioners. They seemed to be very interested in meeting me and were very curious. In fact one woman came over with a piece of paper, asked me my name and then asked me if I was married. I said “no”, that I was single.They asked me about the ring I was wearing, I told them it was my grandmothers’. They seemed very excited and told me of the single men at the church. She also thought i was in my 20’s. I then spoke to the preacher and his wife. They seemed nice, not pushy. I found out that there is only 200 parishioners. I like the church. I am looking for something different. The woman who sat with me asked me to go to lunch. I did not want to get personal at this time, so I declined. I think she would ask too many questions. It is really no-one’s business.



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