The Night Stalker


It was June 28, 2007 but this evening ended with another game, another attempt at control, police and an incident report. It was during this time that my daughter, trying to pick up the pieces to her life was in almost daily councilling sessions. It was either EPR councilling, woman’s abuse groups, or group abuse councilling. As I drove and accompanied her at the beginning to these sessions, I began to gain a greater understanding of her horrendous life the past several years. On the way back to my house we stopped at her house to pick up a few things, check the house and the cats. As I was packing up my car with what she needed I noticed from the corner of my eye, a black car moving slowly and suspiciously around the corner toward me. As I stood out on the front lawn, in plain site I would see the driver move more hesitantly as he realized that the car in the driveway ( which is the same colour and make as my daughter’s ) belonged to me. It was my son-in-law. When he realized it was me, he stopped, turned around and sped away.

It was 9:00 at night. In the last year of her marriage she was in bed at 9:00. Many a time I would call at 8:00, and he would tell me she was sleeping. It was her defense, to go bed before or soon after he came home. She would confess afterwards that she didn’t want to “deal with him”. “The Night Stalker” believed she would be in bed. He wanted to catch her vulnerable, he wanted control, he had a plan. A plan to coerce and intimidate her to sign everything over to him. A plan to make sure that she knew it was all her fault and he had tried.Tried so hard in their marriage. He knew he was the best husband she could have. He loved her so much, and it was all her fault. But his plan was foiled when it was me he saw standing on the front lawn. He now had to cover up what his obvious plan was. I can almost see his frantic brain asking “What to do?, What to do?” What did he do? He called the police. Ten minutes after he sped away he was to return to inform me the police were on their way. Why? He wanted to gather his belongings and for my daughter’s “safety” the police were coming. I told him the police was not necessary and if he needed his things, he was more than welcome to go in the house and get them. But he insisted the police had to be involved. It was his classic game playing. He was always playing games. He was always playing the victim. He had access to his house all along. Did he not know we knew it was his daily ritual to return to the house, when he believed my daughter was at work, and take what he needed and see what she was up to.



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