Only On Paper

August 05, 2007

This weekend I went out with my friends from work to a restaurant in town. It was nice talking to G because she has gone through a similar situation. It seems that she has found comfort in Aboriginal Spirituality. she also dances and chants. I enjoyed going out but on the other hand was so angry that I was by myself. It always is like someone is missing. I guess that is part of the grieving process. sometimes I think I miss him. Then I question it. Am I missing the dream?

He always uses people, again and again. So she is merely an object. If you loved someone you wouldn’t use them for your own personal gain. He did that to me. That is why he pressured me into taking out the $10,000 loan.. it was for his own personal gain. It has nothing to do with me. He sees woman as mere objects and their purpose is money and sex. That is all! Is still have a hard time believing that was my husband. I wonder who the women were before me. I wish I could erase the last seven years of my life, like I was never married. Actually I was not, only on paper I was.



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