An Order Of Ribs And A Side Of Coward Please!


November 07, 2007

I overheard my parents talking and I guess they ran into my ex @ Ribfest yesterday. My dad went after him and started swearing at him, walking right behind him. The coward ran into the ambulance and called the police. Now I know that he will leave me alone, and that he is out of my life for good. I no longer have to worry about him. He is gone. He should not mess with my family. There is a little bit of justice.

T he police came this morning to speak to my father about his “death threat” toward my ex. So we now have another incident report. The sad part is that when my cat saw the policeman in his uniform, which is very similar to my ex’s she ran terrified under the bed. He did something to those cats. I don’t doubt that now. The police spoke to my parents and when they told him some of the things that he had done, he seemed to understand, having three daughters of his own.

This afternoon I was very angry so I went to a colleagues for lunch.Her house is very calming. At lunch we danced. It felt good except for the love song. Then I went running that evening , and then screamed in the car.

At least I don’t have to cry anymore, or I don’t have to feel pressured to do things I don’t want to. I can sleep in peace and quiet.



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