Live In The Moment


February 08, 2008

Do you recover? I still don’t have the answer. Although, I have changed my life drastically in so many ways, I think that it is something that forever changes you both for the good and the bad. And the memories will be with me for the rest of my life. I am a different person now. I do not rust easily and am always suspicious and cautious. I wonder what people’s agenda’s are. I never thought that way, seven years ago. I still try very hard to see the good in people. Throughout my journey I have met many people that have gone through similar situations. I guess common experiences bring people close together. I have learned to really value my friendships and not to stop my life because I am dating someone. I have also learned that space and time apart is a good thing. I have also realized that I still have some healing to do and time really does help. they say that time heals all wounds, and it really does, but you never forget, and sometimes the wounds start to bleed, but not everyday. Trust is a big issue of mine. Although I truly believe that trust is earned and not given. i wish I could see myself in a year from now, but on the other hand I was told this wonderful phrase that I now hold dear to me, “Live In The Moment”. The days that you are truly happy, embrace them and the days that you are truly sad, learn from them.



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