The Right Path

May 12, 2008

I woke up today, feeling liberated. I no longer carry the weight that I had endured for 7 years. I feel calm and relaxed. I also feel an “emotional numbness”. I can honestly say that it feels great. I am relieved that I finally got a proper diagnosis, I suffered from situational depression way too long. Although I feel a bit slower today in my thinking, it is nice to relax. Wow, a day without feeling pain is amazing. I lost hope only 5 days ago and reached out and got the hope I needed. I was determined to win, and regain back my life. I called a mental health crisis line at the hospital and spoke with a nurse for an hour, then went to a walk-in clinic to get medication, and booked an appointment for psychotherapy. All within 24 hours. Finally I am on the right path. I know what I had endured and understand emotional abuse and the negative effects it has on the soul, mind and body. Now, it is time to deal with the depression, anxiety, and anger. Then it will be time to move on. I am not to sure how long it will take, but I feel better that I now have the support to help me get through it. To better days…


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