On Your Own Again

I am currently reading this book that I thought might be helpful, On Your Own Again: The Down-to-Earth Guide to Getting Through a Divorce or Separation and Getting On with Your Life, that describes the painful process of divorce and regaining control of your life after divorce. It talks about the “timetable to recovery”. During the first stage, usually about three months, survival is your main concern. After 3 months, you will start looking over the edges of a dark emotional pit and begin to become a participant in the outside world, rather than a bystander. At 12 to 24 months the pain of your marriage will begin to fade and you will derive your unique identity from being capable, competent and whole. Knowledge is indeed power. It is nice to know that the way that I am feeling is normal and yes, it is a painful process, but it does make you stronger and there is a purpose in all of this.


One Response to “On Your Own Again”

  1. Susan Says:

    Ahhh..well, I am glad to know there is such a thing with a timeline. Helps to know what to expect. I will probably check that out…definitely in survival mode right now…enemy combatant mode, actually. Coupled with times of real loss and sadness, of what?, I’m not entirely sure. Just life as we know it, I suppose. I do look forward to the emergence of identity, capablity, and competency…it’s been slowly taken away from me over the years. It is terrifying to go through some of the changes. Will be so glad to feel in control again. Thanks for the book recommendation. You are sporting a much different tone. I’m happy for you.

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