Stalking..It Is Not Love Pt.3



Stalking… It Is Not Love Pt. 2

Stalking … It Is Not Love

Are you or someone you know being STALKED?

Are you afraid for your safety or the safety of someone known to you because of the words or actions of another person?

  1. Is someone repeatedly following you or someone known to you from place to place? Repeatedly is more that one time and does not have to be for an extended period of time. The incidents may have occurred during the same day.
  2. Is someone repeatedly communicating with you, either directly or indirectly?
    1. Directly can be by telephone, in person, leaving messages on answering machines, or sending unwanted gifts, notes, letters or e-mails.
    2. Indirectly can be by contacting people you know and having messages sent through them or simply by making repeated unwanted inquiries about you.
  3. Is someone persistently close by or watching your home or any place where you or anyone known to you live, works, carries on business or happens to be?
  4. Have you or any member of your family been threatened by this person?

If you can answer YES to any of these questions you or someone you know may be a victim of CRIMINAL HARASSMENT – STALKING .

Behind Closed Doors


Cycle Of Domestic Violence

Everything Becomes Whole



I received this email a little while ago and wanted to share it and this powerful video with everyone.  So thank you Mariama for sending this my way.

" I wanted to introduce you to the new video from Billboard-acclaimed singer/songwriter, Sarah Fimm,
for the song “Everything Becomes Whole”.
The video was inspired by real-life accounts of violence against women; whose end result is a visually haunting
and emotional short film.
The video depicts a relationship that quickly turns from loving to abusive, with the male character overpowering
and physically harming the female character.
Sarah’s hope is to shine light on the issue, and create a call-to-action that inspires others to get involved
with organizations determined to bring an end to the issue.
Before going in to more details about the video and her latest album, you can view the video here:
Currently, Sarah is working with both the International Justice Mission and the
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, to inspire viewers of the video to get involved and make
a difference. And with October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month,
I thought the video and its message might be a great addition to mount cope." 


Dreaming Of Mercy