Domestic Violence- 20/20


3 Responses to “Domestic Violence- 20/20”

  1. Cecelia Says:

    This is a mirror to my life. Thank God, I escaped. My three children suffer great scars from the past. I wish all Judges would take action to stop abuse.

  2. Patricia Thomas Says:

    That is the most touching powerful video that I have ever seen against stopping domestic violence.I am a certified domestic violence facilitator. I wish I had this on a a dvd and I applaud her for her strength and is very sick at the same time that a family would endure that kind of abuse. I know it all to well I was raised in it as a child and as a result my sister marrieda man just like my father and he murdered her. God bless you got out alive

  3. Diana Emery Says:

    this is so heartbreaking,I cry each time I watch it but Thankful she is free to have her life back & no longer has to endure such horrific torture & pain,glory to God amen. There are many women who still need freedom from this tradgedy & insanity to the human mind body & free all people who are suffering,together we can make it stop!

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