The Quiz


June 18, 2007

Today he called me at work. I told him not to call me again here and that I will contact him next week when I am ready. Then I came home from councelling and he had left a voice message telling me to get my financial statements in order and that the “balls in my court” I can buy him out of the house in Mount Cope or he can buy me out. Interesting he did not mention our first house that is now a rental. I own half of that house too, but he wants me to think that I don’t, because he took all the important documents from our house. He is being such an asshole. It is funny but it is so peaceful in this house, and I am not exhausted. I do not have someone constantly criticizing me and making me feel like shit. My councilor tonight asked me to complete a quiz on emotional abuse. My husband is classified as an abuser. He scored 90%.

I remember

  • When he made me feel bad when I was talking to my friend on the phone, because he was home and I should have been paying attention to him. I had to talk to people when he was not home.
  • At work conferences he would come with me, or show up, or he would tell me I would have to be back in my room at a certain time because it was inappropriate to stay out. He would constantly call me to make sure. So when I was out of town I went back to my room every night and ordered room service.
  • When I went out with my boss during one of the conferences, he gave me such grief for staying out so late. I was back in my room before 12. She is female. I always had to check-in.
  • I stopped going to conferences
  • He always called me at least 5 times a day.
  • He was constantly telling me to suck his dick, when I didn’t want to. He would go on and on and start pressuring me to watch porn movies to see “how they do it” He never respected when I said NO, he would always tell me that he was going to get a mistress.

He is a jerk! I think I am going to change the locks tomorrow. I do not feel comfortable, he can come in anytime.



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