Lady … You Are Delusional!


I am the author of this blog. This blog was created when my daughter was ending an emotionally abusive marriage.  It was used as a therapeutic tool and then I realized that it might just  help one person. And if it did our posts did some good , so I continued.   Here I am again,  using this blog once again as therapy.

Where did I go wrong? How did this happen to me? I  thought I was a good mother. By far not a perfect mother, but a decent mother who was always there for her kids.  I always put my kids first. Many, many times over my husband. Always above my own needs. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be one of  “those” mothers who later in life would not be speaking to their child.  In my mind “those” mothers were not like me, they had done something very wrong along the way to be treated with such disregard and disrespect  by their own flesh and blood.  In my mind my child valued me.  My child would never intentionally hurt me. My child  would never intentional hurt me so deeply that it was hard for me to function. My child would never use gaslighting techniques on me. Yes, gaslighting techniques that would make me think it was all my fault.  That saddens me the most.  After months of thinking and reflecting I have come to only one conclusion.  I was delusional  all this time!


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