Abuse Resources Videos

The Full List And Links To Videos  Are Below And May Also Be Accessed Under The Pages Header In The Sidebar

2 Responses to “Abuse Resources Videos”

  1. Gary Says:

    I have just read your article. I can’t believe what I have read. All of these things have happened to me . I have been lied to decieved gotten into credit card debt without my knowledge. I am a man. This happens to us to.

    • Nissrine Habash Says:

      I’m another reader of this blog and a victim of abuse both emotional and physical. After a 7 month relationship in HELL, the last straw was breaking my rib bone after punching me from behind. This happened only a week ago and I am on day 5 of no contact. It’s hard because of the normal breakup feelings, but I know these feelings will pass. What won’t change is the relationship; that can only get worse. Sigh. Love and strength to all. It happens to the best of us :-/.

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