Barriers To Finding Help


One Response to “Barriers To Finding Help”

  1. Rain Says:

    This is the best video ever.
    I agree that so many agencies are one size fits all.
    Either it’s “you get 3 months then you’re out of here” or “sit and wait to get on welfare”.
    That’s where I’m stuck.
    I basically need help with fixing my car and finding cheaper rent in a semi-safe area, as well as maybe some help with counseling.

    It’s so hard to find someone who can help you keep up the tools that you need to be independent such as a car. (I live in an area where Public Transit isn’t a reliable option).

    It’s so frustrating! I want out by the thing that holds me back is “well if your car dies, you’re on your own, you can’t come back here an get help fixing your car”. *sigh*

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