Am I Going To Hell?


July 01, 2007

I want to die. This whole experience is too painful, and my cat lies here choking beside me. Although my husband was emotionally abusive towards me, I can’t stop thinking that he is with someone else. It is driving me insane! I now know what happened. They were seeing each other during our marriage and he has found what he terms as “greener pastures”.

I just came home from going out with my friend  and my parents told me ( yelled at me) that I better start taking care of myself because I was going downhill. My friend was in the middle of this. My ex had continuously been telling me that I was going to hell. I am Catholic and I was so worried that I was going to hell, so I talked to my friend. She listened and told me that I wasn’t. She told me that I could attend bible study with her and that she would talk to her pastor for me. She thinks that might help me.I have not made up my mind if that would be good for me. I keep on reminding myself that my councillors say it is not my fault.They say I can’t analyze a sick mind and that I have been so vulnerable in that abusive relationship. Thank God it is over. I have to build myself up again.



3 Responses to “Am I Going To Hell?”

  1. lisa wynn Says:

    omg – are you me? My ex is awful and says I am going to hell because I left. My family has cut me off 100%. he emotionally was emotionally abusive, not touching me for months, years at a time… and confessed that he was with a man for 15 years befor me. issues?

    says he is a Christian.

  2. Zelda Says:

    Hi girls, so sorry to hear of your sitiation. No you are not going to hell for leaving an abusive relationship. Yes, God hates divorce but He also hates abuse. He doesn’t expect you to stay in that kind of situation. The enemy just wants you to fear God so you don’t go to Him for the help you need right now to get over this. Remember He loves you deeply, you are the apple of His eye. He loved you so much He sent His Son to redeem you. And if you surrender your hurt to Him He will heal you and make all things beautiful once again. Just pour your heart out to Him and let Him know your suffering and ask Him to heal the hurt. You will get thru this if you give it over to your Saviour. He is waiting for you to ask Him for the help you so desparately need right now.

  3. Star Says:

    How true Zelda, this is the only thing that keeps me going, as I have yet to escape. Thank you for your post, there are those of us who know this but need to be reminded as well as those who do not know it yet. Thanks again.

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