Where Are You?


October 02, 2007

Today I slept till noon. I have not slept this long for a long time. I think I overslept. I literally felt like there was nothing to do. I am house sitting my boss’s house. After I watered her garden, I talked to her neighbour. He also went through a divorce. I was nice relating to someone else. As I talked to him I could feel my blood boil. I am so angry for what he has done to me. I then decided to go to work and work. I was there for about 4 hours and came back and watered again and read. He never phoned today, or maybe he did and I wasn’t there. It was just nice that he at least thought of me, twice. I think that it bothers him because he does not know where I am. I am not in Mount Cope and I am not at my parent’s. I remember that he kept tabs on his girlfriend before me. He always knew what she was doing. Is he thinking, where can she be? He is very obsessive and controlling so he probably is thinking about it. Like the information he had on_______, he would probably have on me. Anyway I was feeling abit lonely so I left work.

I phoned my mom and talked to her. She said to me that I was not useful to him when I was in debt. That makes sense to me. My mom also said she could not believe all the schemes he has engaged in and how he uses other people. He is a piece of shit. All he cares about is money. I deserve better.

I feel like I have been at my boss’s house forever. I will be happy to go home again for a few weeks.



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