The Monster Rears His Ugly Head! Again

July 04, 2008

The Monster has reared its ugly head once again. Or should I say “Monsters’? One being the “Bald Headed Monster” that was once my son-in-law, the other Monster in my daughter’s life now is depression. Unfortunately one seems to feed the other.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that she was doing so well. So much like her old self. Happy, rationale, looking forward to the future. Then out of nowhere, (and might I add, 100km out of his way), he drives right by her in front of her condo in his girlfriends jeep. What was he doing there? Checking up on her. Gathering information about her for his “file” that I know he has. You see, he needs that control. To him it is always about control and head games. He is a master of “head games.”


3 Responses to “The Monster Rears His Ugly Head! Again”

  1. Martin Says:

    I saw your post when I was looking for a theatre project in google (believe it or not)! I really empathise with your situation and wish you the best support that you can get!

  2. watermelonpunch Says:

    This is where you hope there’s a bright side to rising fuel prices. Then again, that’s probably why he used his new girlfriend’s car – didn’t want to spend his own fuel in his own car. What a lunatic.

  3. Riku Says:

    What a pitiful piece of garbage. All that effort to check up on a woman he supposedly “discarded”. They never really forget you.

    My guess? He sees a happy life for her and wants to sabotage it with his GF’s “tools”. I hope he failed.

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