I Survived Domestic Abuse


4 Responses to “I Survived Domestic Abuse”

  1. Mrs. D.M. Herrington Says:

    yes, yes ,yes, to everything you have said.
    God, why did I stay for seven years,
    He called me a victim and then told his friends and family that HE was the victim of a crazy impossibly emotional woman.
    Wouldn’t you be “emotional” too when you’ve been punched, strangled, shoved down, degraded (had coffee thrown in your face—ice coffee still it was so humiliating)
    then when you cry in despair, called “ugly, fatass (i am 5’4” and 110 lb. w/a flat ass), stupid, moron, c*nt, etc., etc.
    after all the physical, psychological, and verbal abuse then
    he calls me crazy and emotionally unstable,
    i ask you, who would not react like that to the totality of such abuse unless you were made of stone?

  2. Mrs. D.M. Herrington Says:

    cont’d. the funny thing (and I can laugh at all this now) is I believed everything he said about me.
    I thought i was ugly, fat, stupid, lazy, c*nt, etc.,
    I believed him, but I finally woke up from the nightmare and realized that he was a sociopath.

  3. cindy Says:

    I think I am surviving the aftermath of this very cruel seperation. In July 07 we bought this beautiful home, I put my entire 70K inheritance as a down payment, he put nothing however was to catch up with his yearly profit sharing cheques…nada.

    He left me on Oct 24, the night before that we were sitting laughing and enjoying a silly show on t.v. I awoke the next morning ready for work we get in the car. We stopped at the gas station where he’d get his a.m. newspaper and we bumped into a friend of his. I mentioned to that friend that I had a job interview thats it. Thats all it took.

    After 1 hour of his intense screaming at me, white nuckling the steering wheel as he drove scaring me, hurting me, belttling me and accusing me of airing our dirty laundry. I dropped him off at his job and continued on to mine. 3:30 pm I went to his work place and collected him. This iswhen he said “i’ve been to a lawyer and know my rights” my heart sank.

    Needless to say hours of screaming and yelling later I conceded. I agreed with him “its over”.

    He has always had severe mood swings and always they came in the autumn….. This one however was the worst. Unforgivable. He had me convinced over the years that my family hated me and just used me as the go to girl. He had me convinced that he just said the “brutally honest” things he said to me because of his love for me.

    Now I sit here, holding the bag….why am I still missing him, why do I still cry?

  4. Riku Says:

    Probably because you still want things to “work out” for the better, and it’s difficult to accept that someone you love would simply use you and discard you this way. I hope you went to a lawyer and knew YOUR rights, and fought hard for them because I’m sure he did. With people like him, you can’t show him any mercy for he’ll show you none.

    He probably has/had another woman lined up, and if he has the house, then he will be showing it off to her and claiming it’s his.

    I hope you’re doing better and have reconnected with family/friends, and I hope you’ve been successful with your job. You can do better than him. In fact, living well to the point to where he is nothing but a distant memory bothers abusers more than anything. Along with indifference.

    It’ll happen eventually, it just takes time.

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