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As we all search for comfort and answers…  Let us help each other.

Please send in your stories so we may continue to educate and help the many abuse victims understand  what has happened to them. Our goal here at Mount Cope is for victims to find some comfort and understanding here. These will be copied and posted under a separate page, “Your Stories”   Be assured , your anonymity and safety is of the utmost importance  to us, therefore no sensitive information will be shared on or off this site. Please sign your name at the end of your story as you wish posted.

Help Others Know That They Are Not Alone.

We look forward to hearing from you. You may write your story in the contact form below and it will be forwarded to our e-mail or you may directly e-mail your story to: mount-cope

Thank you and remember “knowledge is power!”

Mount Cope


2 Responses to “Share Your Story”

  1. V. Hill Says:

    I left my partner on Friday. I’ve been reeling from recent traumatic experiences, and it’s been work to not become depressed. I’d spent the evening with my son, whose been distant. We clarified some things together, connected crucially, then had a fantastic time watching Harry Potter. My partner chose that night to invent, ignite, and fuel unprecedented drama. Though his violence was not directed at me (it never is) it had equal, if not greater, impact, as the persons he assaulted were youths. Each time a positive event occurs for me, such incidents may be expected, and each trumps the last. I am diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder, in addition to having suffered a head injury as a very young child. I’m certain my partner would not have chosen me were there not this built-in get-out-of-jail-free card. My doctor asked if my new medication is working, and I said “it works for R. Now if I have any unflattering input he can ask if I’ve taken my pill.” I cope with humour, and this is the mildest example, but being dismissed constantly and silenced is dehumanizing. He expects me to indulge his persecution complex (he seems to have no hobbies or interests outside the incompetence of his staff), and when I am silent, or correct him, he will turn the wheel hard, or swear at a fellow driver. It is as though he puts me at risk rather than hitting me, but to the same effect. It bolsters his assertion that I’m reading into things which have nothing to do with me at all, but the timing is difficult to ignore. He treats those around him with contempt. I am a survivor of sexual violence, and at times “check out” during sexual acts (his tastes run coarse, so with him it’s most of the time). Other men have walked out, not knowing how else to react. The more intuitive ones have tried to revive me, and a few have called paramedics. My partner sneaks a buttrape in while I’m safely out to lunch. The pain recalls me, and his argument is that I did not discourage him. I lost my daughter a year ago July, and cannot discuss it with the person second closest to me. I tried once. He screamed at me. He has enough to deal with, he said. There are professionals for this. Yet I am alone in my apartment all the time. My pension is meagre. I eat one meal per day. I can’t face seeing little girls in public, and at least this torment is irrelevant to that. He’s coming tonight to return a few things I forgot there, and my holidays are barren.

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