Sole Survivor Of Triple Murder Talks About Domestic Violence


4 Responses to “Sole Survivor Of Triple Murder Talks About Domestic Violence”

  1. shivers Says:

    You know, once again, we see a media report that focusses in on HER mistakes. It’s even in the first few lines of the report. “Rose talks about her mistakes.” There was nothing new in this report, nothing that was confrontational enough to make any listener sit up and take REAL notice. It was so very ‘ho-hum’. How sad is that. The whole report did nothing to put her husband’s despicable behaviour as ‘out there’, there was nothing that held him accountable. In fact the whole report was about how accountable she was for NOT leaving. That’s rubbish and it should not be reported this way.

    How about focussing in on what these types of MEN do, how they act in everyday life, how their value systems uphold the violence-supportive attitudes that are entrenched within our society. What’s wrong with explaining in more detail the way this guy’s violent upbringing had damaged him. What about talking about how society failed this MAN, rather than talking about how this woman failed her family.

    Until we start to present these stories from a different perspective, domestic violence will never cease to be. As an example The Family Place and DART ads in Dallas, they are different and confrontational and hasn’t that caused up some sparks! It’s exactly what we need, if there’s ever going to be change.

  2. Hannah Says:

    I have to agree with you.

    WHen I saw the ads from the Family Place, and people having hissies I thought………..

    The truth hurts!

  3. Lunch Admin. Says:

    Let’s translate some of this sexist language from oblique passive sentences into something more akin to the truth.

    “Share her experience with domestic violence”
    Translation: Rose’s partner physically abused her and now she is going to talk about what HE did to HER. Ricky didn’t “experience” domestic violence while physically abusing Rose in their domicile. Ricky abused Rose. Rose was abused by Ricky. Getting the crap beat out of you isn’t an “experience.”

    “Her life took a deadly turn”
    Translation: Rose’s predator husband tried to murder her.

    “Rose is ready to own up to the mistakes she made in the relationship.”
    Translation: The media wants us to believe Rose is responsible for being abused because she didn’t leave her abuser. Predators rejoice! It’s no big deal to punch, hit, kick and otherwise abuse your target if they are without money or a means of escape from you. If they CAN’T fight you off or leave, it MUST be their fault that you are abusing them.

    “A case of domestic violence that had dragged on for decades”
    Translation: Ricky physically abused Rose for many MANY years.

  4. Domestic Violence undermined by the media « Thinkingwoman1’s Weblog Says:

    […] an interesting video clip on Mountcope’s site: sole survivor of triple murder talks about domestic violence. A woman whose parents were shot […]

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