Reprogram My Mind

June 09, 2008

I have been feeling happier these past three weeks. I noticed that I have been laughing again, like I once did. I remember that my dad, used to make fun of me because I always giggled, in fact I was told by others that I would light up a room. I get a glimpse of my old self from time to time and it feels good. I wish I can always feel happy, but I was told that it will come in droves. It depends on the day and if I am faced with any triggers. I try very hard to “reprogram” my thoughts, and look at things more positively. Whenever, I think of something negative, I try to replace the thought really quickly. I think coping is all about re framing your mental cognition. This will take time and effort. I guess, what bothers me the most now, is adapting to change. I look back, and have experienced a lot of change really quickly. In fact, I think sometimes we tend to gravitate toward what is most familiar to us, but not what is the best for us.


3 Responses to “Reprogram My Mind”

  1. FP Miller Says:

    I am glad you are laughing again. May you have lots more joy and happiness.

  2. Kimie Says:

    Yes, someday i will be happy again, and laugh like i was a kid again.

  3. Susan Says:

    You sound so very yogic, anyway! I love what you say…think of your physical body and how it needs time to adapt and change…you can’t force “elasticity” you will hurt yourself…it’s slow, intentional, gentle….”progress”…never force! I’m so glad I am back at your posts….I’ve been away…exceedingly preoccupied with my process…I’m happy to know I’m not alone….you really help me, Mount Cope….more than you know!!!!


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