It’s Your Turn


September 24, 2007

To His Girlfriend:

If you think you are different, you are wrong. He will use and abuse you and when he is finished with you he will discard you. It could be in several months or several years. He will also cheat on you, like he did me. If you think you were the only mistress you are wrong. He also admitted to be addicted to sex, so he got it elsewhere. I would like to be a fly on the wall, when you figure it out. If you think your ex-husband mistreated you, things didn’t work out, you weren’t happy, soon you won’t remember happy because you have just met the devil. You do deserve what is coming to you. Let me ask you, does he talk about money a lot? Think he is a business man? Does he give you advice and provide direction? Is he always right? Does he talk about revenge? Is he easily distracted when he talks to you while biting his fingers? Does he seem sociable around his friends when he is drinking but when you are alone, is he quiet. Does he constantly want your attention and calls you several times a day or just shows up where you are? Does he want sex all the time, and thinks it is your duty to oblige. Does he want to party and drink all the time? Does he like to do almost everything you like to do and has you believing you have so much in common? Has he asked you to save all your receipts to show him?, because you spending money is a big production. Welcome to my old life, it is now yours. I know your future, before you even do. Oh by the way, does he want to make a porn movie? Does he want to take nude pictures of you and post them on the web because “we” can make lots of money. Has he started stealing money from you? Has he asked you to take out a leverage account and constantly meet with his financial planners, to help you, because he loves you. He is not doing this because he loves you, he is merely using you to help him, he likes to control you. By the time you are reading this, it is probably too late for you. Since you are now leading my life, you will go through the same pain and hardship that I am going through. He will be telling everyone it is your fault and blame you for everything. He will also tell lies about you, like he did me. You were a fool to believe what he told you about me, since there was very little truth in anything that he said. When you are reading this, and one day you will, I would have moved on and probably re-married, had kids, and became a doctor. You made a huge mistake, one that you will regret for the rest of your life. My anger toward you is not because I want him back, I guess because you made it easier for him to move forward. I wanted him to suffer, the way that I have suffered. I would not go back to him, if you paid me a million dollars. You can have my old life. It was a life of pain, hardship, deceit, betrayal, and emptiness. That was my marriage, so you can have it all. The house was a prison, and I spent many nights starring out the window, wishing that it was over. He was never home, only when he wanted sex, and never helped around the house, except to take out the garbage. The house was also in the middle of nowhere, He never made an effort to meet anyone, and never knew the neighbors. Maybe, he does now, I don’t know. My life in Mount Cope was going to counseling sessions, running, playing with the cats, watching tv, and having sex on Saturdays. He would come home when he wanted something, and that was about it. There was no intimacy. I was screaming inside. It was perfect for him, he dumped me there, led a double life (spent time with you and others), and came home when he wanted more sex or when he wanted to talk to me about money. He will do the same with you. You are no different. One day when you are reading this, I do not wish you well and when you have found out that he has a new girlfriend and when you are in a financial mess, I just wanted to remind you, that you are now me.



2 Responses to “It’s Your Turn”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I don’t know you, and you will probably never see this post since this was written so long ago, but if you do, I hope you were able to do all those things you wanted to do “moved on and probably re-married, had kids, and became a doctor”. Your ex-husband sounds exactly like my husband. I have written almost this exact letter to his mistress. I just had the courage myself to leave after so many years of what you also went through. I am still grieving but I know it will be better one day.

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