Next Please


September 23, 2007

Every day I wake up I do not know how I am going to feel. Sometimes, I am very angry, sad, relieved, strong, weak, or joyful. It is an awful way to live. I know that this is a normal process to healing and I would rather go through this now then have it affect me the rest of my life. I also think that I would rather be feeling something then nothing at all. My ex-husband does not feel pain, empathy, compassion or love. He is heartless. Others who do not know him well, might not see that at first, but if they get close enough they will eventually in time. People that are generally close to him, eventually figure it out. He does leave a path of destruction. Ex-girlfriends, ex-wives, ex-business partners, ex-co-workers, and ex-friends have figured “him” out and are the most reliable source. The girlfriend he has now, is his next victim. Someone who pursues a relationship with a married man, is insecure, naive, vulnerable, and stupid. She have everything he needs to manipulate and eventually control her.



One Response to “Next Please”

  1. paula Says:

    This comment has helped me so much. You have taken the thoughts from my head and put them into words. I am going through this right now and she now has my life to look forward to. That makes me feel better. As my friends say the best revenge on the woman who stole your husand is to let her keep him! I am now free from a future that would have got worse. She has it to look forward to.

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