Finding The Right Words

“Finding the right words to bring up a delicate subject like relationship abuse can sometimes be difficult. But once you break the ice and let someone know you are asking because you care about her and are concerned for her safety,she will probably appreciate it, even if she doesn’t say so at the time. Try not to put her on the spot. Bring it up gently, and don’t force it if she doesn’t want to talk. But keep coming back and checking in on her. Chances are, when she is ready, she will open up to you. Tell her the reasons you are asking. Maybe you saw an incident, a bruise or dismissive treatment of her. Sometimes a concrete incident is easier to talk about than an entire relationship and its problems.

  • “I noticed you had bruises last week, and you look upset and tense today. What’s going on? Is someone hurting you? I’m worried about you.”
  • “The way Michael treated you really concerned me. It wasn’t okay. ou don’t deserve to be treated like that—ever.”
  • “Does Joe ever lose his temper with you? Does he everbecome physical? If you ever want to talk about it or need any help, I’m here for you.”


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