My Obsession

June 29. 2008

Well it has been 1 year since my separation. I still have mixed feelings and some good and bad days. Sometimes, I think about my past, other days I live in the moment. This long weekend has been a bit challenging. I was married on September 28, 2003, and I find myself thinking more about the past, and my relationship. I think it is easier when you go from one relationship to the next. Your energy focuses on someone else, rather than obsessing about the past. However, it becomes more of a challenge if the new relationship dissolves and you have not dealt with the previous one. It is more of a bandaid solution. I think people who choose to date “prematurely” and who use recreational drugs and alcohol to deal with the pain are “weaker” than those who choose to deal with the pain in a healthy way. Everyday, I am reminded of my past and choose not to get into another bad relationship and not to use drugs to “feel better.”


One Response to “My Obsession”

  1. dharmashrink Says:

    You make a great point about the problems that can occur when you jump into another relationship after just breaking up.

    It is easier, but the easy way often does not result in the most growth as a person. The goal is not necessarily to feel better right now, but to grow in awareness and mindfulness.

    Best wishes to you on your journey.


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