Shh! This Abuse Is Top Secret

My ex son-in-law inflicted his type of abuse in his own stealthy way. For the most part hidden from public view, only letting his true personality come out in private for his victim…. my daughter.

As we continue to learn , emotional abuse can be far more damaging to a person than once thought. It can cause years of pain as the victim continues to react to this abuse long after the abuser is gone. My ex son-in-law’s type of emotional abuse has left some very common reactions that my daughter now struggles with on a daily basis.

Common Markers:

  • It makes the victims feel as though they are going crazy
  • Victims have difficulty sleeping waking frequently with night terrors
  • The victims no longer trust either their own intellects or their own instincts
  • The victims are rendered emotionally disorganized and unable to trust their own feeling
  • Victims are unable to determine how they are supposed to think and feel
  • Victims loose the ability to trust their own thoughts and feelings, leading them to simply give up and disconnect themselves
  • Most victims suffer a fracturing of their psyche leading to severe depression

2 Responses to “Shh! This Abuse Is Top Secret”

  1. Tulsika Says:

    The entire family suffers in this abuse. My youngest sister, who has been the baby in the family has been taught to hate us by her husband and his mother. She cannot differentiate between the right and wrong and now calls us now screaming she will murder us. Neighbours tell us of constant screamings and sounds of crying comming from their house. She wont leave him and we cant do anything but suffer with her!

  2. TP3 Says:

    I lived with a sociopath everyday for 12 years. I have been out about 2.5 years and he is so vindictive and retaliatory that I left, he continues to harass me to the point where I don’t know what to do.

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