What Enabled You To Survive?


3 Responses to “What Enabled You To Survive?”

  1. Chanda Says:

    I had to turn myself off emotionally. I had to think about my children and keeping them safe.
    I wrote to him almost daily to tell him how what he did made me feel until one day, I just wished him no harm.
    I had my baby and divorced him. He lost his rights to my son and that let me know that sometimes the law is on our side.
    I stayed totally hidden. The most important thing I did though was educate myself on abuse. I bought a book called Dangerous Relationships and it became my Bible. I read everything I could, finding the root causes of why I allowed abuse.
    I learned that a person will only hurt you as much as you are willing to hurt yourself. That was a slap in the face, but it was true.
    I am a survivor. Seven years now away from him and not one abusive relationship since.
    Be strong, women. It can be done.

  2. Chanda Says:

    I must add that when I said I wrote to him daily, I never sent those letters to him. It was a journal. I keep those letters to let myself know how far I’ve come. 🙂

  3. arielsantrini Says:


    I survived domestic abuse by using every fibre of strength I had to gain my abuser’s trust, and make him believe I would never leave him. I assured him I would live at home for a few months and save money for our future. I got my escape route, and with time and distance, his addiction faded and my confidence increased. He could see he was no longer able to control me and eventually he left me alone for good . Once upon a time I was suicidal because of him. I was paralyzed by my own fears. I never thought I would be abused again, until I met a narcissist 10 years later.

    I survived narcissistic abuse by completely cutting of any contact.

    I am a completely different person now, in a good way. I fought narcissism with indifference, but ironically, I fought domestic violence with manipulation tactics, similiar to those employed by narcissists.

    Bottom line: It can be done, please don’t put up with it.



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