Counteract The Negative Effects

counteract emotional abuse

by Shannon E Cook

Depression is very common in our busy world.   It may be a result of chemical issues within the brain, past traumas, current challenging circumstances, or any combination of the above. To make matters more complicated, often our relationships contribute to our difficulties — and we may not be fully aware of it. The nature of emotional abuse is such that it is common for the victim to believe that the problems are his or her fault. Here are 4 methods to counteract the depression brought about by emotional and psychological abuse:

1.  Take care of your physical body.   Because the body and mind are inextricably linked, taking care of one can help improve the condition of the other. Eat well, take food based vitamins, and adopt an exercise program emphasizing cardiovascular exercise (for mood elevation — be sure to clear it with your doctor before beginning an exercise program).   Having a healthy body is a key component in creating a clear mind.

2.  Talk it out with others. A counselor can be of immense benefit as you are sorting through the issues that are troubling you. Make sure that if you are wondering about emotional abuse in your relationship, that you select a counselor who is experienced in abuse issues. The unbiased professional perspective you will receive from a good counselor will help you reset your thinking patterns and help you discern what is really going on.

3.  Bring your trusted family and friends closer to you. Reach out and enlist the support of the people who love you and care for you most. If you are being emotionally abused, your abuser is expending a good amount of time and energy attempting to “program” you and convince you that you are inferior, less intelligent, or even crazy. Immersing yourself in the influence of your loved ones will help you “reprogram” yourself out of the lies that the abuser has told you are true.

4.  Whenever and however possible, limit your interactions with the person you are wondering about. See if you start to feel better about yourself when he or she is not around. If you feel stronger, happier, and more competent when you are away from your partner, this merits a closer look into the dynamics of that relationship.


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