Abuse Reared It’s Ugly Head Where I Least Expected It

Abuse can rear it’s ugly head when you least expect it. Where you least expect it.  I am the author of this blog. I started this blog a couple of years ago to help my daughter get through the end of her marriage and regain her self worth once again.  It was cathartic for both of us. I became somewhat of a self proclaimed expert in this field.  I researched , blogged and knew all the signs of abuse. It has never happened to me, it could NEVER  happen to me. But like many others who spoke those words, perhaps naively, it did happen to me.  Before I knew it I was entangled in  abusive relationship. Not with my partner, but with my boss.

At  work, emotional abuse can be just as obvious or subtle as it is in a partner relationship. Thousands of employees quit their jobs each year, or even worse, start each day with the dread of going to work.  Abuse can occur at the supervisor-subordinate level, or among co-workers. It comes in many forms of acts or verbal comments that create emotional pain or isolation. These  acts or comments become repetitive, intimidating, and designed to humiliate or degrade.

Here Some broad examples of abuse in the workplace by a superior are:

1. Intentionally excluding subordinates from benefits, activities, or opportunities.

2. Deliberately impeding or sabotaging the work product of a subordinate (such as setting impossible work deadlines, withholding critical information, not providing enough work so as to create a sense of uselessness).

3. Removing responsibilities or changing work habits in an attempt to coerce resignation.

4. Creating or allowing a hostile work environment


One Response to “Abuse Reared It’s Ugly Head Where I Least Expected It”

  1. Tracey Murphy Says:

    Abuse in the work place is a subject not many believe to be true, I do. I see it happening now to a friend. He works for a very large company and he experiences 1., 2., 3., and 4.,
    Those who are or have experienced it, for them, your blog validates this fact. So many that experience abuse in the work place put up with it because it’s their life line.
    I also believe it goes on in schools between students and teachers as well.
    I know a child who is not a trouble maker, he is well mannered and has respect towards adults, peers and authority.
    He has been abused by his father. His interest in school was withering away because of what was happening in the home.
    The teacher refused to see that this student was being abused. The mother expressed her concern of the abusive father but mother was ignored. The teacher continuously picked on the student, demeaning him, embarrassing and humiliating him in front of entire class.
    The teacher called in the abusive father and not informing the mother. The father had manipulated and alienated the mother from the kids and school. The school and father agreed to proceeded with testing for ADD and with out the mother’s consent. The child was then put on ADD medicine which was ridiculous.
    If anything the child has PTSD.
    Not dealing with the true issue of abuse in the home has only victimized this child even more.
    Abuse in the work place starts somewhere and I believe it starts in the home and continues to the schools and on to the work place…Abuse is one Vicious Cycle.
    Thank you for your passionate dedication in bringing awareness to abuse.

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