Checklist For Safe & Healthy Dating Relationships


  • Does this person treat me with kindness and respect?
  • Does this person show an interest in my life and the things that matter to me?
  • Can this relationship meet both our needs without me always giving in to what he/she wants?
  • Do both parties in the relationship take responsibility for their actions and feelings?
  • Can I safely express a thought or opinion other that what the other person thinks or feel without feeling shame, fear, or judgment?
  • Is this a person who is safe to be angry at without fear of what will happen?
  • Does this person listen without interrupting when I speak?
  • Are the differences and decisions negotiated fairly and cooperatively?
  • Is it OK to make mistakes without being humiliated by the person?
  • Is this person honest with me?
  • Does this person keep appointments, promises, confidences?
  • Have you decided what your sexual limits are? what behavior you feel is acceptable from your date? How can you communicate your limits and discuss feelings about this?
  • Are you aware of where the date is leading to and whether you feel comfortable and safe?
  • Pay attention to behavior that doesn’t feel comfortable. Sitting or standing too close, grabbing or pushing you, not listening to your requests, etc.
  • Be aware of your own goals and desires for the relationship. Be assertive and ready to state clearly what you will not agree to. Stand up for yourself and be honest about what you feel. It is OK to be rude to someone who is sexually pressuring you since they are not paying attention to your feelings
  • Remember always follow YOUR GUT INSTINCT!

3 Responses to “Checklist For Safe & Healthy Dating Relationships”

  1. ghsgb Says:

    this was a great help for my paper on sex

  2. Samantha Says:

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  3. Jessica Says:


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