Help! I Have Done It Again

Where am I now? I wish that I can say that my story has a happy ending and that I am married to a wonderful man and have 2 kids. That is not the case. I often hear of others who after leaving an abusive relationship find love again to a man who is kind, respectful and decent. On the other hand, for me it is an entirely different story, I just ended yet another abusive relationship, only this time the abuse and the warning signs were different than that in my marriage.

I met this person on E-harmony and when we met we had this instant connection. When I started to date again (1 year after my divorce), I had a list of criteria and decided not to deviate from my criteria. I went on about 15 dates, all of which did not match my criteria until I met Dan. I met Dan at Boston Pizza one evening. He was very well dressed, polite, smart, articulate, Christian and was very charming. He took my breath away. It had been a long time since I was able to have an intelligent conversation with someone of the opposite sex.  I later found out through speaking with him that he was a lawyer. After dinner, we parted that evening and I could not stop thinking about him and smiling.


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