Self- Esteem

Women who have been abused often suffer from low self-esteem. after being put down, threatened and insulted, women may feel worthless and may even blame that the abuse is their fault. You are not to blame. An abusive partner will rarely take the blame for his/ her actions. If they did, they would have to accept their faults and consider changing. while in an abusive relationship, you may of heard some of the following things:

  • You made me do it
  • You would drive anyone nuts
  • Why do you just keep pushing and pushing me
  • You drive me to drink

Or you may believe some of the following:

  • If a man abuses a woman, she must have done something to deserve it
  • If a woman leaves an abusive relationship, she is breaking up the family
  • Women should make sacrifices to keep everyone happy

These things are not true and believing them may have kept you in the abusive relationship. Take the self esteem test.


4 Responses to “Self- Esteem”

  1. CeCe Says:

    So much to read! I stumbled upon your blog and . . . it’s helpful to know I wasn’t the only one taken down (albeit temporarily) by a sociopath.

    My Brockovichian (wink) story begins on my novel’s website:

    I’ll be reading this as much as needed.

    Thanks for helping by giving it a voice.

  2. Mire Says:

    Here is a great site to check out for anyone interested is supporting the group RAINN (Rape Abuse and Incest National Network). Also a sneak preview of May’s “People Who Care” page with a Christina Ricci interview about her work with RAINN:

    Go to the site, shop and a percent of your sale will go to RAINN!
    Pass this on to everyone!!!

  3. Lea Says:

    Its good that your sharing this information. Abuse makes one feel isolated. It helps to know your not alone.

  4. Gail Apple Says:

    This is very real and very necessary to share. Thank you. I have recently opened a website you may want to check out. Be blesses in your journey! Gail

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