I Am A Survivor


July 05, 2007

Today was okay. I was feeling a little frustrated financially and about Green Shield. He pretended to be me and changed my password yesterday and they are not doing anything about it. I am going to call on Tuesday. My mom helped to rearrange the bedroom. It is a lot better, but my mind started to wander about his girlfriend. Is that why he wanted me to put his resume in? To work with her last year? When we rearranged the furniture it felt like he had died. We also found a note that he gave me . He had listed that my mom owed him $10.42 for cat food , he wanted to know if that should be her Christmas present. “It was up to me”. What a jerk! I deserve better! I deserve better!

I am a survivor! I am a survivor! It would have been a lot worse!

I am a great person, and deserve better!

This is my room, my cats, my furniture! Mine. Why can’t I stay here?



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